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      I beg you to call the boy back, and not send that note, she said. I hate to think of your doing that. It isnt the act of

      Now we will go on with the rest of the shorthand, he said.

      Lady Keeling clapped her soft fat hands together.

      Frank wished to know how large the whale was, and how large whales are generally.

      Doctor Bronson listened to the appeal of the boys, and when they were through he took a toothpick from his pocket and settled back in his chair in the parlor of the hotel.Sit by me, she said at length, and very soon we must walk back over the down, and when we come to the skylarks nest you shall go on and{316} I will follow after a few minutes. Lets go through these few months, as if pasting them into our memories. We must each have the same remembrance as the other. I hated you at first, do you know? I hated working for you. The books began to bring us together, the mischievous things. Then there came the wood-block for your book-plate, but you apologised. And then came the catalogue, was not that it? By that time I had got to love working for you, though I did not guess at once what was the matter with me. Then came the spring day, that first day of real spring, and I knew. And there is one thing I want to ask you. Did Lord Inverbroom ever tell you about my people?

      Doctor Bronson laughed slightly as he replied.


      Keeling turned to her.



      What is it? he said.